Project in Brief

Pune is expanding rapidly with more sophisticated life and very less opportunity for a peaceful life. Earthen Group brings the prospects of a much tangible life style that suits for people who belong to the nature.

Earthen Group launches “Swapnapurti”a project of developed bungalow plots in this blessed village of Urli Kanchan. The project is of total 6 acres, with ample amenities. We are quoting a pre-launch offer of Rs.499/- per sqft

Urli Kanchan is a village 33 kms East of Pune. The village has been famous for its Naturopathy Centre (Nisarg Upchar Ashram) which was started by Mahatma Gandhi in the 1960s. It is surrounded by beautiful mountain range of Sinhagad – Bhuleshwar towards the South, Mula-Mutha river flowing towards the north and with the pilgrim center of Jejuri on the other side of the mountain range.

PMRDA (Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority) has proposed

The latest development in this region as the (MADC) Maharshtra Airport Development Company proposes, is the Pune International Airport near Waghapur and Rajewadi village stretching to almost 1200-1500 hectares that will set the location in a drastic change of business, hotels, cargo handling, tourism services and many other commercial activities, simultaneously fetching a higher ROI on the project.

The State government paved the way for PMRDA’s formation in March 2016. Areas around Pune such as Maval and Mulshi are starting to see similar rapid growth with several housing projects and tourism destinations coming up.

The PMRDA had 438 villages under its jurisdiction w ith the total population of 1.01 crore, now it has decided to include four additional municipal councils and two panchayat samitis under PMRDA’s jurisdiction doubling the number of villages to 857. The four municipal councils are of Saswad, Shirur, Chakan and Rajgurunagar, the two panchayat samitis are of Velhe and Purandar talukas, this will grow the urban population to 1.09 crore.

“Always Wish Your Dreams Are True”